Arrant Retails

R.O Water Dispenser

The R.O Water Dispenser which we offer is made of premium quality insulated materials which never create any harm while operating the devices. With higher precision, the offered R.O Water Dispenser  is designed in order to make it power savvy, energy efficient and effective in fast dispense of all hot, cold as well as normal water. The R.O Water Dispenser  offered by Arrant Retails, provides pure, hygienic and healthy drinking water by completely removing the impurities from the water. The offered R.O Water Dispenser is known for double purification by RO, UV with TDS controller and has a large water storage capacity. The R.O Water Dispenser is equally suitable for water from all sources such as overhead storage tanks, water tankers, bore-wells, and even municipal taps. Contact us to get this R.O Water Dispenser at an effective rate.


Storage 10 / 15 Ltr. / hr.
Cooling 4 / 8 Ltr. / hr.
Dimensions D 13
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Weight 20 kg.
Heating Capacity 5 Ltrs. / hr.