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Components That Make Up An Industrial RO Filter

Posted by Admin on June, 14, 2019

RO systems have been used to treat impure water since many years. Whether it is in homes or in offices, RO filters are available everywhere to treat water and make it fit for drinking and other processes. While in homes we can see the small water RO filters that are installed in our kitchens and treat the water of our tanks to give pure and drinkable water, in big industries, the size of these RO filters also changes. The size of industrial RO filters is very large compared to the regular RO filters we see at home. The process is same, reverse osmosis, but the scale at which it takes place increases. Many components are brought together by the industrial RO filter manufacturer in Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, or any other place in India to set up the huge scale industrial RO filters. Here are some of the main components that are required for the efficient operations of industrial RO filters.

The flowmeter is the device in the RO filters that measures the amount of water that flows in and the flow rate of the water. These are available for both panel mounted as well as in-line style installation of the RO filters. They measure the flow of water in the filters and have direct reading scales where flow can be clearly measured.

Temperature Indicator
Having a temperature indictor in an industrial RO filter is also indispensable for the proper treatment of water. They help in measuring the temperature by showing the reading on their screen scale.

Storage Tank
While in home RO filters we have our overhead tanks or regular home tanks as the storage from where the water is taken for treatment, in industrial RO filters, the storage tanks are installed with the RO filter system itself. Now, when it comes to storage tanks, one can find a number of types to fulfil this requirement. There are normal cylindrical storage tanks, there are conical bottom storage tanks, and there are pressurized RO storage tanks.

Different types of valves are also required for the proper treatment of water by the industrial Ro water filter. Some of the common types of valves in these filters are needle valve, solenoid valve coil, PVC ball valve, etc. These valves control the pressure, feed stream, etc., of the water flowing in or out of the filters.

System Controllers
There could be high output of water and there is a constant need to monitor and control the TDS level of this water. Apart from that, the level of water inside the tank also needs to be monitored to avoid overflowing. This is where system controllers come to help.

Water Quality Monitor
RO filters are supposed to improve the quality of water and treat it for any impurities. To ensure that the filter is working properly, water quality monitors play a crucial role. They check the quality of the water and monitor it to make sure that it is free from all the dirt, bacteria, and other harmful chemicals or substances.

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